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The industry have been using air tools for years for many reasons, therefor simple air pumps can be put up on windmills with air being stored to power air engines, air tools and generators for home and industrial use, combined with solar or not.I think i will just build what i know the best if i have to use batteries and that will be the 12v system.I have never done a u tube video but will give it a go in a minute and postt it up here.Scientists try to find for example a mathematical way to define what they see happening.They know how easy it was to get a patent therefore they must be a scammer.

One that turns a DC alternator can be used to charge batteries.Are Nikola Tesla's massively suppressed inventions involving free energy. Free Energy Perpetual Motion Generator Incredible Scientist Makes Free Energy.

As shown in the third picture, the sun has a corona which is a white, electrically charged layer around the sun.

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Rob Well, i see that i am not going to gain anymore knowledge off this site, i thought i might but all i have had is Fritz calling me names like a little child and none of my questions being anewered.A magnetic motor does just that converting motion and magnetic force into electrical energy.This is the second best generator to build since it is one of the most efficient.

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Make Free Energy For Your Home And Build Your Own Magnet Generator.Generally it means to get angry or have a tantrum about something. - Buy Bedini's Free Energy Generator book online at best prices in india on Read Bedini's Free Energy Generator book reviews & author details and.Buy low price, high quality free energy generator with worldwide shipping on am going to presume by their short answer that they get askd this question all the time.

You Will Never See a Magnetic Generator For Sale. who doesn’t want free electricity??. Magnetic Energy vc Solar Power.A world desperately short on energy, trying to do ANYTHING possible to get more any way possible, not quash it.I am 100% convinced it is inexpensively possible to have an electric full range vehicle available to the public, but politics and lobbyists are continuing to put a damper on it.Online shopping a variety of best free energy generators at Enjoy fast delivery, best quality and cheap price. Free Energy Generators on Sale.The intelligent thinking is here and freely given power is here.I believe that is what is happening in regards to a motor that needs no external power to operate.There has NOT been one single government who has not done so or has opposed any form of alt energy.

So a little background on the guy I used for a picture: his name is Nikola Tesla, he was born on July 10 1856, he died on January 7 1943, he was born in the Austrian empire.FREE ENRGY GENERATION circuits and schematics by Bedini-Bearden.We are trying to convert Magnetic energy in to Mechanical Energy.A brushless DC motor will run till the bearings need replacing.I contacted Perendev to get a quote regarding the cost of their motors.That we need is to develop an invention (let say magnetic motor) in secret, with own money and later donate patent to mankind.Im fairly sure its an aussie saying so maybe geoff is from Australia.Why the editors of this forum allow you to keep calling people names instead of following the subject is beyond me.Videos are never proof of anything as they can be easily faked.

Angling the magnets does not reduce the opposing force as a magnet in a rotor moves up to pass a stator magnet.Good morning everyone, I relay this info found on KeelyNet 2010 - Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health / Alternative Science - 03/25/10 A.Mechanical and electromechanical shielding takes power to operate and thus external power is required and therefore the idea of a magnetic motor being self powering fails.

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The problem here is to get energy from that object you have to come into contact with it.Magnetising a solid merely aligns the spin of electrons so no energy is stored to be released.The friction of the cd motor, even though small may have been too much to replicate dans working model.The sooner we jail all free energy motor con artists the better for all, they are a distraction and they prey on the ignorant.

Also, to put your minds at ease, Dan isnt selling anything so there is no scams to be had.I went to the local hardware store and bought the magnets I used.I will figure a way to post his Abstract on this site for all interested. Dr. Felber, who represents Mr.You did not even appear to read or understand my response in the least.Yes, magnets in principle have an inherent force and can act on one another.Your mileage may vary. alaafprojs 7 months ago Reply Try using 1N4001 rectifier diodes ZacharyC51 8 months ago Reply the sky for energy says to use an Alunium plate and it should be insulated(Sarand wrapped) plus the Higher it is the better, and it should be raised by a wooden pole not metal, scale it up and multiply it, then tell us what happens.Also, you can drive a small dc motor with a fan and produce currently easily.I looked into permalloy finding it desirable but very expensive.Only proof is phoney videos, not real motors that anyone can operate without the inventor around.

If you would like a more in depth version of my thoughts on this matter i plan on writing about over the coming months and love a hood conversation.Rob Gilgamesh In my opinion, if somebody would build a power generating device, and would manufacture, and sell it in stores, then everybody would be buying it, and installing it in their houses, and cars.All my facts can be clearly demonstrated to be the way the real world works.If you have both antenna and ground, it charges faster than if you only use one.